Mrs. Ronit Wolf *Earth-Child; born in 1979 within the SOL-System; at the western spiral arm of our so called Milky-Way.

Emerged in Munich after travelling the galaxy at stardate: 2009. She collaborates with human beings, entities and diverse aliens -intergalatically- to create a positive prospect for the future.

Creativity and knowledge is bundled for best pratice. Apart from that, Ronit uses the Serendipity-Principle for collaborations and developments within our linear notion of space-time.

I’m doing: Art Direction, illustration, festival-organization, writing, conception and Creation of unique and crazy new Shows and formats as well as stuff you’ve never seen on this planet.

Definitly not specialized!

Collaborators can join in any time for request, projects, assistants or commisions. Please contact me, telepathically – or classy via email-form on this page.

So long; may there always be enough stars beneath your keel!

Star-dusty greetings to all of you  – space-children!

Ronit Wolf

...maybe that explains myselves a bit better ...

Worldbuilder | storyteller | writer | illustrator | speaker | AD | Creator & founder of Munich Science & Fiction Festival